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There are so many spices that people associate with different seasons and since we're leaping into Fall let's have at it.  Cinnamon, in my point of view, brings all the Fall spices together.  You can't have any of them without it.  But do you know where it comes from?...

 So I have to talk about Cauliflower Pizza crust because so many people ask me about it and I'm a BIG fan.

Yes it is a lot of work.  And no it may end up not being your thing.  But I can absolutely make a recommendation.  And yes, I'm going to tout a brand.  Califlour F...

Tis the season for baking pies and cakes and HOLIDAY COOKIES!!!!

So it's recipes galore... But all those ingredients laying around our kitchen that are half-open or you simply don't have them and when you get to the market the bags are sold by the pound.

It helps to know...

Happy Hanukkah to everyone.  But we all know what that means.  LATKE TIME!  Potato pancakes, regardless of holiday or season, are seriously just good eats.  They're comfort food that when paired with the right dipping accoutrement take potatoes to the next level.  So h...

As promised I’m posting the recipe. But before we go straight there, there’s so much love and history behind this recipe. 

When I was growing up my sister and I were blessed with two parents who cared enough about us that while they were at work they had a special woman...

I learned at a young age the importance of bringing people together. Although that didn’t happen often in my family, there was one occurrence I saw this happen; it was always around a meal. And from then I felt this warmth and happiness when it came to food.  Everyone...

So this poor cruciferous veggie gets such a horrible rep, but the truth is it's because most people aren't cooking with it to its full potential. It can be used in so many ways so read on and then grab a head of your favorite variety and give it a go. 

Let's start with...

I always provide containers for all my clients because many are just looking for convenience. But there are an increasing amount that when I have suggested purchasing 2-3 sets of reusable containers, they have been extremely receptive.

Now, glass containers look pretty...

It is HOT in NYC the past few days and all I can think about is staying cool. One of my favorite things is to make flavored ice cubes to not only keep my refreshments cool, but to keep them refreshing. 

Lemons, melons, berries, herbs and cucumbers are among my favorites...

 In today's world there are so many options in food.  If it's confusing for us adults, imagine how overwhelming for kids.  Teaching kids and young adults healthy options and habits sets the stage for a healthy lifestyle later on.  We all indulge and love something swee...

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Let's Talk Trending Food & It's Alllllll About #CauliflowerPizza

January 19, 2018

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