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Let's Talk Trending Food & It's Alllllll About #CauliflowerPizza

So I have to talk about Cauliflower Pizza crust because so many people ask me about it and I'm a BIG fan.

Yes it is a lot of work. And no it may end up not being your thing. But I can absolutely make a recommendation. And yes, I'm going to tout a brand. Califlour Foods makes a great product! You can find them at

You can get a 6 pack of freezable crusts for $39.95. Believe me they are great. And with the process of making it fresh and how frustrating it can be for home cooks this is well worth the money. You'll save yourself at least an hour of time and be getting a superior product.

Once you receive them, the process start to finish for making a pizza is 20minutes. Yep, that's it!

But what's great about this product is that you can do more than just pizza. Use the blank canvas to make crackers, chips, etc for dipping in your favorite guacamole or pico de gallo or even a cheese sauce. GET CREATIVE!

This alternative proves helpful for gluten-free and low carbers! (See nutrition facts below) It has ONLY 4 whole-food ingredients.

And once you take a stab at it with a pre-bought product... The tediousness of making it fresh will seem more welcoming. PROMISE! I would never steer you wrong.

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