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Latke Season on Fleek!

Happy Hanukkah to everyone. But we all know what that means. LATKE TIME! Potato pancakes, regardless of holiday or season, are seriously just good eats. They're comfort food that when paired with the right dipping accoutrement take potatoes to the next level. So here's my favorite recipe, because i've been asked a number of times already this season. And yes I'll admit... I'm an applesauce dipper allllllll the way!

This recipe should make 22-24 pieces


2 1/2 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes

1 large white or brown onion, shredded

3/4 cup matzo meal or bread crumbs

2 eggs, beaten

1 tbsp potato starch

1 1/4 tsp salt, or more to taste

1/2 tsp pepper


Peanut or grapeseed oil for frying (about 1 1/2 cups)

1/4 cup schmaltz (optional)


hand grater or food processor with shredding disc attachment with choice of large holes or fine holes

clean tea towel or layers of cheesecloth

skillet or electric skillet for frying


large mixing bowl

medium bowl

metal spatula

wire cooling rack

Cut potatoes and then place in food processor

Immediately place grated potatoes in a bowl with water so they don’t oxidize

Grate onions

Drain potatoes well of water

Mix with onion and place in dishtowel and wring to release more water

Mix with fork so it’s all even

In a skillet, add oil to reach a depth of 1/8 inch. Add 1/4 cup of schmaltz to the oil if you'd like, it will add more savory flavor to the latkes. (You’re pan frying. Not deep frying and not sauteeing)

Heat slowly over medium to about 365 degrees

While oil is heating, use the fork to stir the matzo meal, beaten eggs, potato starch, salt and pepper and i love to add some garlic here, into the potato and onion shreds

Take care to make sure the egg and seasonings are fully mixed throughout the potato shreds

Take 3Tablespoons worth or 1/8c

Make into a cake or patty (I make a number at once so once the oil is ready you can really make in batches and the cooking timing is easier)

Make a few to fit your pan before placing carefully in hot oil

This ensures they all cook more or less at the same timing

I use a stainless steel wide spoon so they get in the oil in one piece and you don’t burn your fingers

Frying is what brings it all together and ‘engages the glue of the ingredients’ so they don’t fall apart

The oil should sizzle, but not pop when the latke hits it; if the oil jumps wildly or smokes, it is too hot. If it only bubbles weakly, the oil is not hot enough. Use the first latke to test the oil temperature, and don’t fry a whole batch until the temperature is right.

3-4min per side

If you find them not holding together, add some more potato starch 2teaspoons at a time mixing into the mixture well you could also add another egg or matzo meal mixing thoroughly into mixture

Take them out and drain oil on racks or paper towels and serve. You can always reheat in oven at 375 degrees

Throw some fresh herbs for garnish and serve! ENJOY!!!!!

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