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Risoles Brasileiros

As promised I’m posting the recipe. But before we go straight there, there’s so much love and history behind this recipe.

When I was growing up my sister and I were blessed with two parents who cared enough about us that while they were at work they had a special woman look after us. And she did so for most, to all, of our childhood. Silvia was a beautiful soul from Brazil. Now while we gave her a run for her money, she always made sure to remind us of the important things in life. One of them being to spend time with each other during supper time. And one of the recipes she introduced me to was something she made in her home growing up. Risoles Brasileiros.

A Brazilian turnover. She always let me and my sister help and it made us feel closer to her. And now, when we make them they are childhood memories to us. And recently, my sister asked that I make them. So here’s to you Silvia. And for everyone else, the recipe.

*You can make them with any filling you would like, sweet or savory as the dough recipe is pretty generic.


Flour Butter Milk Canola oil/Vegetable oil Eggs Breadcrumbs Ground Pork Geound Beef Chicken Cilantro/Parsley Tomatoes Peppers all colors Red onion Spanish onion Garlic Avocados Lime juice Jalapeños Aji dulces peppers Cubanelle peppers

Mushrooms Adobo

Mise en Place all of your vegetables by small dicing them all and chopping your herbs.

Prep list: Sear chicken Sear beef Sear pork

(Sear them all seperately until golden brown with garlic and seasoning/herbs) While proteins cooling: Take

Diced red onions

Diced spanish onions Diced jalapeños Diced tomatoes Diced cilantro/parsley Diced red bell pepper Diced orange/yellow pepper

Diced mushrooms

(Sauté them all with garlic, seasoning and herbs then divide among proteins and set aside to cool) Prepare dipping sauces: Sofrito in food processor Pico Guacamole

While everything is cooling and your dipping sauces are coming together prepare your Dough:

Equal parts milk to flour (4C each makes ~22 risoles)

Combine 4C (1Q) milk and 2-3Tablespoons butter in a sauce pan and bring to a boil.

Combine 4C flour, 2 large pinches of salt, garlic and onion powder in a bowl.

Combine your wet and dry ingredients and mix together until they come together.

Let cool until you’re able to knead like a dough. Then separate palm sized balls and create little patties you can flatten (roll out) to CD size discs.

Place in the palm of your hand and then fill with protein and vegetable mixture.

Dip in egg wash and then breadcrumbs.

Then either fry or pan sear until brown.


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