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What Makes You Love to Cook?

I learned at a young age the importance of bringing people together. Although that didn’t happen often in my family, there was one occurrence I saw this happen; it was always around a meal. And from then I felt this warmth and happiness when it came to food.  Everyone has to eat right?

It never seems to matter if you have had a fight with someone, don’t know someone or even dislike someone when everyone comes together around a meal all of that falls by the wayside. The meal becomes this one similarity everyone has, even if but for a brief moment, something they can all relate  to and speak of. 

To me food makes people smile, feel good and have something to share with others. You can really tell from the flavors the heart that someone has put into a dish and for someone to share that with others... it’s a gift on its own. 

Why do you love food and to cook?

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