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Food is everyone's first relationship. It feeds your soul, your health and it’s part of all of our daily habits. Whether it's meals or cocktail parties, baked goods or lessons in cooking, food is a bridge and path to most things. 


I was blessed with some very special women in my life that began my journey with food.  A woman who was like my second mother and my two grandmothers showed me how food brings people together.


Whether it was baking or cooking, I have wonderful memories of spending time with my second mom in the kitchen and her showing me some

recipes from where she grew up in Brazil.  

Some of my fondest memories of spending time with my grandmothers was when they showed me what it meant to entertain and host a party.  Whether it was baking or cooking, it was all about the flavor and presentation. 


All these women taught me that food brings people together and feeds and nurtures relationships and their souls. 

And this is what I bring to you with my family food memories, my experience running some of NYC's busiest kitchens and working in the most intimate of settings cooking elaborate and delicate dishes: the closeness and warmth it brings and

the delicious filled memories it creates.  


Life's just better when it tastes good...

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